Monday, 7 December 2015

Steel Teal

kookai grey dress / sportsgirl necklace / sass & bide backpack / zara teal sandals

Turned out to be the wrong choice in attire as the day was boiling beyond belief. This dress may look cool but is actually quite thick in material so really hugs onto the warmth. I'm not big on head to toe neutrals for some reason, so had to add some colour just to make it more me.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

OOTD; November Week One

A mish mash of outfits from the first week of November. Don't really get the chance to photograph every single outfit so these will have to do! :) You can see from these outfits alone, how much the weather has been fluctuating lately in Sydney!

MARCS black shorts (similar here) / Sportsgirl stripe tee (similar here) / OROTON peach clutch cross-body bag (similar here) / Witchery white sandals (similar here)

Lorna Jane sports bra (similar here) / Lorna Jane FIT tank (similar here) / Lorna Jane tights (similar here) / Nike roshe sneakers (get these here)

Lorna Jane crop top (similar here) / Ksubi shorts (similar here) / Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers (similar here) / miu miu stud clutch cross-body bag

sass & bide crown top / TEMT white ripped jeans (similar here) / OROTON peach clutch cross-body bag (similar here) / Chloe coral ballet flats (similar here)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

OOTD; Pink Teddy

Sportsgirl pink crop top / Valleygirl high waisted denim shorts / miu miu stud clutch bag / TEMT beige fluffy jacket / Sportsgirl necklace / kö fashion by boston babe boots

This jacket is one of my favourite go-to's for warmth and comfort because it's super soft and fluffy. Reminds me of a big cuddly teddy, and it even comes with a hood if you really do want to look like a walking fluffy toy bear! Just a mish mash of comfy pieces to get me through a lazy evening out (is that an oxymoron?! - being out and about but lazy at the same time... I suppose it does make sense somewhat haha).

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Food Diary; Korean Again?!

Breakfast; 2 x Italian bread slices / 1/4 x avocado / banana / green tea

Lunch; SUBWAY Turkey salad bowl w/ Sweet Onion sauce / 600ml bottle of water / Soy Cappuccino

Snack; Honey Butter Bread + Green tea @ TOM N TOMS

Dinner; Spicy Pork + Fish roe stew @ Danjee

Lorna Jane crop long sleeve top / Lorna Jane 7/8 tights / Teenie Weenie navy knit cardigan / Nike violet roshe sneakers

Tried to be healthy. Didn't think I was doing too bad of a job especially after having a SALAD for lunch. Even fit in a gym session + walking the dogs after some coffee. It was one of the cooler days, so I wore a chunky cardigan. Also because I'm no where near comfortable on baring part of my torso while working out... will get there one day. Was met with a bit of a hurdle when I met up with a friend in the city - the honey butter bread @ TOM N TOMS is undeniably good - but it's all okay when in moderation right? Finished off with Korean again. Just because it's so delicious, AND Danjee is actually one of my favourite Korean restaurants.

Monday, 2 November 2015

OOTD; Feelin' the Cold

TEMT midi dress / OROTON vintage bag / rag & bone jacket / ZARA grey suede boots

Can't help but feel this outfit is giving off total Autumn vibes... the only thing is it's Spring here in Australia! Still having a bit of cool weather, with sunshine in between. Gave me the chance to bring out my chunky jackets, deep dark colours, and boots. This jacket can actually serve as a vest also, with the detachable grey knit sleeves. Pretty cool.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Day Diary; Friday Date Night

Nothing too exciting about Fridays any more, especially as I'm taking a break from working altogether, every day is a weekend for me! Having worked in Ops for a fashion company, by the end of my two-and-a-half year run, I was exhausted and in need of a break. Of course I had taken a week off with annual leave prior to my resignation, but this only further instilled in me that it was time for a change (with a lot of free time in the middle!). Not only do I have no regrets, but I feel like I was able to make some positive changes to live a more healthy and productive lifestyle. More sleep, less caffeine, better meals, more time for exercise, less stress - all contribute to a stronger, healthier me!

So with that little background story aside, on to my day. With no set time to wake up, and a lot of free time during the day (before any working person is available for dinner hehe), I mostly take it easy without any strenuous activities or plans for the day. After breakfast I changed into my activewear to take the dogs for a walk, do some errands, and squeeze in a gym session later on.

A mug of green tea before the gym

I read somewhere that having green tea before a workout increases the calories burned by 17%. It's a well known fact that green tea aids weight loss as it increases the metabolism, and I suppose the caffeine helps as well? Just a little extra kick before putting in the hard yards for an efficient workout! But aside from helping with burning calories, there are bountiful benefits of this tea. Lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay, oral cancer - and helps in skin care too! Obviously it is not a miracle cure, and no one should be solely reliant on green tea, but I think these benefits are good enough to drink it regularly. After all the taste is not too bad (this is coming from someone who had serious issues consuming it at a younger age). And I try. Sometimes I might go days without drinking it at all, but most of the time I try and fit in 2 cups a day.

Gym clothes; all Lorna Jane / nike roshe sneakers

The active wear trend is completely booming right now, with a lot of retailers coming out with a sportswear line to join in on the phenomenon and target consumers who are starting to make more health conscious choices. Lorna Jane is a brand who specialise in active wear, and I have been a fan for about two years (from the beginning when I just started developing an interest in working out). Probably 90% of my gym clothes are from LJ, just because the designs are cute and versatile and most tights have little pockets for convenience and accessibility. Even with this lime green knit - I could easily wear it for other occasions than the gym. Win-Win. 

Equipment leopard print silk shirt / TEMT forest green sweater / MARCS leather-look leggings / OROTON peach clutch cross-body bag / Mimco black heels

We are definitely well into Spring in Australia. Meant to be anyway. There have been a few chilly days here and there where a warm knit and pants are warranted. I'm all for cool weather so don't mind the mix of hot and cold. I get to bring out my sweaters so a huge bonus in my eyes!

Korean BBQ @ Jonga Jip

This restaurant is in Eastwood and is pretty much always bustling with people. So much so, that there are actually two of them! Literally meaning Jonga's House, this place offers up a huge variety of side dishes, making it a popular and highly valued authentic Korean restaurant. Not only is the food delicious, the service is fast and efficient, making this place a true winner. Most Korean places have unlimited refills on the side dishes, so with the numerous options Jonga Jip have on offer, you can have a hearty meal with different taste combinations for every bite!

Monday, 26 October 2015

OOTD; Why try?

miu miu black chain bracelet / OROTON peach clutch crossbody bag / Valleygirl navy/red check shirt / ZARA white calf hair sandals / KOOKAI denim shorts

Just a super casual outfit that I threw on in 5 minutes to go out and have dinner + movie. This tee is one I found in my room (have no idea where it came from) and thought it would be suitable for a lazy evening, considering it's extra baggy and soft.